“These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise…”

The beginnings of a phrase that helped define my childhood. As I first started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, I was enamored by the unique characters, sets, story lines, and lessons learned from each show. As the seasons progressed, I hungrily devoured them, wanting more. I wanted to be on that ship, experience its wonders. The Enterprise D was refined, unlike any scifi ship I had seen before.  If only there was a way to bring it to life…

The Enterprise 3D Project aims to do just that. Place you on board the ship. Walk the corridors. Explore the unseen rooms and communal areas. Hear the engines. See the screens. Fly the shuttlecraft. Exist as a member of the crew.

Project Notice:

This is not a licensed CBS Product, or affiliated with any “Star Trek” property.

This is merely an artificial representation of fan artwork created by myself for my own amusement, and considered to be a parody of the Enterprise depicted on the show. None of the content here will be sold or marketed in any way other than the images depicted on this site. This site exists merely to show process and build an understanding of a game engine pipeline and workflow.

Quick Gallery

This project aims to create this vessel in its entirety, in the Unreal 4 game engine. Yes, this means it will be Oculus rift ready! The goal is to be able to walk the entire length of the ship, without interruption or load times. Previous virtual tours have taken a 360 degree panoramic approach, with just areas seen on the show. However, my personal project will feel seamless and like you are actually on board the ship. Because of the sheer volume of what needs to be created, a modular approach to the ship construction will be taken. But each and every room will be accessible, and unique in some way. This means filling in and creating rooms never before seen on the budget-restricted show.

Source Material

Rick Sternbach’s offical Blueprints

These are very technical, precise blueprints showing room placement and layout. They are the most detailed blueprints available, but some might consider them to be leaving out a bit of the imagined splendor of the thousands of square footage available in Andrew Probert’s original design.

Ed Whitfire’s unofficial Blueprints

Ed orginally was tasked by Andrew Probert with creating the offical blueprints for the Enterprise. Due to licensing issues with the publisher, Ed found his work unused and Rick Sternbach was tasked with creating the plans for the ship. Some would argue more of Andrew Probert’s intended design decisions are found in these plans.

Personal adjustments

Since only top-down blueprints exist for the ship, and I am not following them exactly, I will be creating much of the content seen in this project. However, I intend to listen to feedback from the community in creating this version of a starship.  The ship should feel like 1000 people actually live on board, and have a far larger variety of rooms depicted on the show. The design language will still be influenced by the early 90’s aesthetic, however, so everything should feel seamless.


This project is not affiliated with CBS, Viacom, or Paramount. This is solely a fan-created project. All Star Trek logos, copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property are owned by their respective groups. The Enterprise  design was created by Andrew Probert and Rick Sternbach. All of the various props and designs were created by the Star Trek production team. I am using the designs as inspiration to create the ship in 3D.  Please email me if you have any questions.


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