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  1. Spector

    So far, what you’ve created looks amazing. I would love to take a tour of your 1701-D with a VR headset. I do hope VR Headsets will be supported in the final product.

  2. Chris

    I always wished someone would make a living Enterprise to be able to explore.
    Crazy how so many talk about how great it would be, yet it’s never been done to a truly Fan of Star Trek quality and not just a quick render for games or promotions.

    Thanks and I hope you get the chance to fully realise it.

    Good Luck and a lot of hard work I assume.

  3. Peter

    Thank you! This is incredible! I do not have an oculus. Will this be made available for traditional viewing on a computer screen and be able to navigate with mouse / keyboard? I would still v very much be interested in exploring the entire ship this way. When will it be made available?

  4. Matthew

    Just watched the YouTube video. Awesome job. Loved it. Loved the 3 seashells in the Head. Got a good laugh out of that. Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Chris Peters

    Wow. Incredible job, thus far. I can’t wait to see more. Do you have any thoughts of adding “people” to the decks? I know that would highly enhance the difficulty but just curious what your final vision is for this amazing project.

  6. Christian Stengel

    WOW! You’re doing great work there..

    Greetings from Germany

  7. Timohy

    Oh wow, this is amazing, just saw the youtube video, but shouldn’t the conference lounge be where the models of other enterprises go?

  8. Luca Johnson

    Truly amazing, this bring the enterprise to life almost brings a tear to my eye

  9. Jim

    Wow. Awesome. Thanks for doing this. Is the idea when completed, to be able to download this and run it in an UnReal engine?

  10. Hi Jason,

    Being a massive fan of Star Trek I’ve got to commend you on bringing a lot of fans dreams to life. It’s an ambitious task you’ve set yourself getting the entire Enterprise into Unreal
    but considering what we’re starting to see with games like Star Citizen I think the timing is right.

    I run a company called Ivolve Studios. We specislize in architectural imagery but I also produce real simulations for some of our projects too. We use Unreal and Unity 3D for our
    projects. We also use Oculus and Samsung Gear VR. I’ve got a Virtuix Omni on order too so I can’t wait to start ‘walking’ around the Starship Enterprise. If this project gets some funding
    and you need some additional assistance with building assets or environments etc, please let me know. Or if you’ve just want someone to alpha/beta test the virtual environment looking
    for bugs, glitches, and visual quality feedback I’d be more than happy to participate in that too.

    Anyway, I look forward to one day exploring a full virtual replicate of the Enterprise and other ships/stations in the Star Trek world.

    Keep up the good work.


  11. Anton

    Hi. My name Anton, I am from Ukraine. I want to say you making a great job for all ST fans all around the world. Hope you will finish it comletely. As fan I want to see NPC on ship and a lot of interactive objects. But i think you know that too ). Any way, thank you so much. For now it looks great. If you will show up on Kickstarter, i am sure you will gather lots of green support )). Carry on! – ST fan from Ukraine –

  12. Mike

    Great work! Definitely interested in the crowd-funding to develop future phases.

  13. KevD

    This is simply awesome. What you’ve already achieved is amazing, but the thought of being able to explore the Enterprise-D with Oculus is spine-tingling. I’ve never contributed to a Kickstarter before but I’ll hand over money in a heartbeat to experience this! (who do you want me to kill for a free demo?!)

  14. Chris

    This is an amazing project! I got goosebumps when I watched the demo video you posted (and caught more than one nod to at least a couple other sci-fi series during the tour of the top few decks). Beautiful work! Please please please remain committed to your goal of completing the ship. I’ll help when I can.

  15. Graeme

    This just looks amazing! If you ever take it to kickstarter, I’ll happily help it along as much as I can. Beautiful work.

  16. Anthony

    This is an amazing project and I really hope it works well for you. It isn’t every day you open up Google Chrome and see your childhood fantasy being recreated in oculus. Thankyou so much.

  17. Reese Leatherwood

    Hello. All I can say is wow! I have been a star trek fan for years, as you can see from my email address. It all started with TNG for me. I love the Enterprise D. In watching the video, I literally got chills. I can’t begin to describe how pleased I am to see this. I have three technical manuals on the Enterprise D. One being the official blueprints, as shown. I have the official technical manual of the Enterprise D and I have a reproduction of the writers bible tech manual. Not to mention the cutaway poster. So when it comes to small details I get very picky and precise. All I can say is wow.! There are so many questions that I would love to ask. For instance what time frame is this set in, i.e. 2360’s – 2370’s etc. only because some of the sounds and sights might be relative to a certain time frame. As I said so many questions. I want to thank you for doing this and sincerely hope this project can be completed.

  18. DJ

    Love the project, Enterprise D rules.

  19. I’m HIGHLY IMPRESSED & looking forward to the completion of this! 😀

  20. Darren Christou


    Such a shame you had to take down that amazing demo vid!! Such fabulous work!! I always wanted to see the main shuttlebay as a kid- and you made it a reality!! Is the vid accessible any where else? I hope the project is still alive in some form? I would buy Oculus for this alone.

    Kind Rgds,

    Darren Christou

  21. Benjamin

    I have found your project after I thought “there must be some nice dudes, or dude who is using the free Unreal enginge 4 to create some nice Star Trek adventure”..and so I found your project. I must say I am amazed! This is so beautiful and really good craftsmanship and artistic work. I am thankful that you do this and hope someday to get to walk around the Enterprise.

    I don’t know if you new one of the first Star Trek games “A Final Unity” for DOS, which was and still is, one of the finest games considerring the Star Trek universe, and that not because of the fancy graphics but the complete experience, the story and the integration of the Star Trek idea, where you don’t go around and allways fire your weapons at once. The Star Trek online game is very nice, but still focuses on the battle aspect, and i Think this is sad, because Star Trek is far more than that.
    With the unreal engine 4 there is now the possibility to make a really good locking Star Trek game and hopefully with the depth of the first ones like “A final Unity”

    I hope that more people like you will come together and create something like this for all the fans out there. If I would be a programmer myself or have the free time for this I would gladly participate, but I have none, nor am anything of that. So the only thing I could do is provide financial ressources, which I would definetely do! Perhaps a kickstarter project would be a possibility for a game approach. Just throwing in some ideas 😉

    Anyway..thanks! :)

  22. Andrew

    Love the project and the progress so far! Can’t wait for the finished product!
    Just wondering, can you see the rest of the ship when you look out of the windows?

  23. Xuanyi

    Wow! It’s amazing to see someone has started to build a virtual of such a great classic. The screen shots are absolutely fabulous!
    I got an impression that using UnReal 4 engline is a very promising choice, very looking forward to see how this project goes in the not-so-far future!
    Congulations for what have been achieved and good luck for the way ahead!
    Keep up the amazing work! 😀

  24. Patrick Musson

    I L-O-V-E This whole idea. Star Trek and I go back to the Original Series but TNG is my favorite part of the Star Trek universe. I am going to post about this on Facebook. If you need the word spread about this let me know. I would love to help spread the word if you eventually crowd source. The more people that know the better. Make it so:)

  25. angelo

    I think this idea is fantastic and I cannot wait to see the finished product. I just hope it is not abandoned at some point along the way. Would love to someday see a version for the Enterprise-E, in many ways an even more interesting design. Thank you for all the effort you’re putting into this.

  26. Chris

    Childhood dream come true. Nice work :)

  27. Lukas

    Awesome project!!! Keep up the impressive work :-)

  28. Brenden Vaughan

    AMAZING work so far!! This is something I’ve dreamed about since my childhood. If you need anyone to help you test this and give you feedback, it would make my year. :)

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